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Can I make changes to my garment?

Yes. You can request basic changes such as garment length, sleeve length, and basic color. I will contact you if these changes can be made to your specific garment.

I have fabric I currently own. Can I request a garment be made out of my fabric?

Yes. You can email me with details about your fabric and where to send it, and I will get back to you if we can work with you on this.

Can I return a garment that has been customized for me and receive a refund?

Based on the level of customization, you may receive a full or partial refund for a returned item. I will discuss this with you when handling your request.

Can I change a garment style?

No. Garments are created in limited quantities with minimal changes, if possible, based on the garment.

Is there an additional cost for changes to my garment?

For basic changes such as garment length, sleeve length there is no additional charge. I may add an additional cost to other changes. I will advise you of this cost in advance.

Can I request a garment be made to my specifications?

Yes. You can request a fully customized garment. Contact me and we will discuss details and let you know if I can meet your request, based on the level of complexity, fit requirements, and fabric availability.

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