Our Story

SeamsNYC is a clothing brand inspired by a desire to provide sophisticated  women with the opportunity to showcase ethnic cultures in their clothes.  

Our clothes are made in traditional cotton fabrics with just enough touches of ethnic fabrics to give women fashionable styles with just enough touches of cultural identify.  For the bolder dresser, we design garments showcasing more of the ethnic fabric in the garment.  We are inspired by a need to support each other no matter which culture we belong to.  Wearing a garment made of ethnic fabrics is a great way to embrace our ethnicity or show support for our friends and family who come from cultures different from ours.  

We design for the woman who appreciates comfort, elegance, and quality.  We use cotton fabrics, colorful designs to add flair to our styles.  Our garments are custom made to order in limited quantities for a one-of-a-kind look.  

I hope our story inspires you to be bold and add a bit of culture to your clothes.  Browse through our shop to find something you love

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